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Squeeze Me - Lemon Squeezer

Squeeze Me - Lemon Squeezer

Squeeze Me - Lemon Squeezer

When I have to squeeze lemons for cooking or for adding some fresh flavor to my iced tea, I'm tired of being squirted in the face and plucking out those sneaky rogue seeds from these mischievous little tropical fruits. Maybe you don't have these issues, but I seem very prone to abuse from my citrus. I found another solution to this dilemma, the cool new Squeeze Me - Lemon Squeezer.

Simply drop a lemon half into the bulb end of the Squeeze Me Lemon Squeezer, attach the spout and squeeze away, hmmm, feel free to absolutely crush them! As the fragrant juice flows forth from the spout, all of the seeds and pulp are safely contained and held at bay by a built-in retainer. If there is any unusued juice left over, simply store the whole thing in the fridge.

This is a great culinary weapon in the war against lemons that like to assault and frustrate the cook, but where there's lemons, there's always evil limes!

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