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Spread Heads - Mustard Marvin

Spread Heads - Mustard Marvin

Spread Heads - Mustard Marvin

The cool new Spread Heads - Mustard Marvin not only lets your kids play with their food, they get to gross out out the whole dinner table as well! Simply grab a yellow mustard bottle, unscrew the cap, screw on the Mustard Marvin bottle topper head in its place and squeeze away. Poor Marvin then appears to puke up yellow mustard from his mouth all over your hot dog or hamburger. Glorious fun for all!

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  • Transform your ordinary mustard bottle into an instant toy
  • Replace your mustard cap with this and squeeze
  • Universal size cap fits most standard Yellow Mustard bottles
  • Use the original cap for storage
  • Size: 2" W x 1.25" T

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