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BHEESTIE - Moisture Removing Bags

BHEESTIE - Moisture Removing Bags

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BHEESTIE | n: a servant who draws and carries water

I've gone through quite a few cell phones in my day. I've either spilled drinks on them, dropped them in puddles, knocked them into sinks and even watched one fall right into the toilet. The toilet experience was, well, quite horrifying, not only for me, but the poor person on the other line too! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has the problem of keeping water and gadgets from mixing, so I looked for a solution. Now you can try to save all your wet electronic gizmos by drying them out and keeping them moisture-free in these cool new BHEESTIE - Moisture Removing Bags!

The BHEESTIE Moisture Removing Bag is an innovative bag that effectively removes moisture from cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, watches or any personal electronic device exposed to water. Whether the exposure is from humidity, rain, sweat or a full blown aquatic submersion, damaging corrosion sets in and reduces performance and overall lifespan. These bags can be used daily up to a year to safely store your personal electronics and keep them dry or they can be used to suck up all the water from a non-waterproof watch you accidentally wore into the shower...again. When the blue indicator beads begin to turn gray, the bag is no longer thirsty and it will need to be replaced. It's not only perfect for accidents, especially when traveling, but also for those devices you take to the gym, on the boat, to the beach or anywhere they will be exposed to damaging moisture.

Green Head Tip: If you don't have these bags, you can try drying out soaked gadgets in rice too.

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