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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks

Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks

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This holiday season, keep your bar fully stocked along with your Christmas tree when you hang these cool new Festive Boozeballs from the branches. It's now officially... pre-lit. This set of six fun ornament shaped flasks can be filled with the Christmas spirit of your choice and feature the words "Drink Me" printed on the front and secure screw-top lids with ribbons for hanging on the top. Perfect for serving up shots of much needed booze at all out of control Christmas parties. Obviously, keep them out of the reach of your children, elves, and even Santa Claus, because drinking and flying sleighs don't mix. Cheers!

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Evil Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card
Sinister Christmas card plays an overly merry stream of holiday jingles... for over 3 solid hours... with no way to shut it off. If they try to press the button to turn it off, it only gets louder and if they try to rip the card open to yank the wires, it spills glitter out everywhere. Truly evil fun.
Gingerbread Man Cookie Mug Toppers
These festively fun gingerbread men are specially cut to hang off the edge of a coffee mug with one arm and wave at you with the other.
Illuminated Crystal Drop Trees
These magical faux trees have thousands of gleaming lead crystals dropping down from the branches like icicles and are illuminated with intense pure white LED lights to make them sparkle.
Giant 7 Ft Pre-Lit Cactus Christmas Tree
This giant Christmas cactus stands 7 ft tall, is pre-lit with 160 LEDs, and covered with traditional artificial tree needles instead of painful cactus spikes.
Gingerbread Butter
Creamy spreadable delicacy made up in small batches from premium all-natural ingredients like caramelized milk, sugar and butter, and spiced with fragrant Thai ginger. Spread it on bread, toast, scones, pancakes, waffles and more!
Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game
Whether it's a holiday party, Christmas morning, or you somehow find yourself in Santa's Workshop break room with the overworked elves, this fun and festive game is sure to add a little cheer to the season.
Captain Morgan Ugly Christmas Sweater
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USB LED Christmas Lights
Safely brighten up your computer, cubicle or office in full-blown holiday spirit using these LED Christmas Lights powered solely by a USB port!

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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
These laboratory grade, heat-resistant borosilicate glass beakers are scientifically calibrated for accurately measuring booze and feature easy-to-read measurements in ounces, milliliters, teaspoons and tablespoons. In a pinch, they also make excellent mad scientist shot glasses!
Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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Festive Boozeballs - Christmas Ornament Flasks
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