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Patron Pocket - Tequila Holster Belt

Patron Pocket - Tequila Holster Belt

Patron Pocket - Tequila Holster Belt

If you want to liven up a party fast, just slip on this cool new Patrón Pocket and begin to mingle. This fun booze holster is designed to keep a square bottle of premium Patrón Tequila or other odd-shaped liquor bottle close by and safely on your hip at all times. You can't just leave a bottle of Patrón out on the counter for everyone to enjoy at a party or it'll be gone in no time, but this lets you control the supply and potentially be the most popular one there. Also, with this much power comes much more responibility, so please drink responsibly.

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  • One-size-fits-all adjustable belt
  • Fits standard Patrón Bottles and other liquor bottles
  • Heavy-duty industrial strength materials
  • Made in the USA

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