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Genuine Cypress Bat House - Eliminate Insects With Bats!

Genuine Cypress Bat House - Eliminate Insects With Bats!

Glorious spring is here at Green Head HEADquarters in Chicago, and that can only mean one thing, soon we will be fighting hordes of miserable flying biting stinging insects! Trust me, I've tried everything in my war, the candles, the sprays, the torches, the electrifying lamps, which usually are more fun than effective, and on and on and on and still come away battle weary and defeated at the end of every season. This year, I'm calling in some reinforcements. This year I'm calling in BATs, nature's army of flying insect killers. How do I call them you ask? Is there a symbol in the sky? No, you just need to install this cool Genuine Cypress Bat House.

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