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Faux Wasp Nest - All-Natural Wasp Deterrent

Faux Wasp Nest - All-Natural Wasp Deterrent

Faux Wasp Nest - All-Natural Wasp Deterrent

Rather than spraying dangerous chemical insecticides to prevent a wasp infestation, just hang up a couple of these cool new Get Lost Wasp Faux Nests to naturally deter these stinging pests for up to a 200 foot radius. When wasps see these established faux nests they avoid them because their tiny insect minds know it could result in total war and death. They probably won't scare away a current hive (you'll need a flamethrower for that), but it will prevent new ones from being built. They also deter humans from getting near, so you can hang them along your property border to keep out the irritating neighbors too. They come in a set of two, perfect for hanging on porches, patios, children's areas, pools or anywhere you need less evil wasps.

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  • Set of 2 Get Lost Wasp faux nests
  • When the territorial critters see an already-existing nest, they'll steer clear
  • Each artificial paper-and-wire nest deters wasps within a 200-foot radius
  • All-natural, low-maintenance and chemical-free pest control
  • Hang on the porch, patio, near a children's play area, pool or other high-traffic areas
  • Size: 10" x 8.25"

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