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Thanko Compact Home Hand Dryer

Thanko Compact Home Hand Dryer

Thanko Compact Home Hand Dryer


Tired of drying your hands on nice bathroom towels that just get damper and damper? Wish you could air dry them like in a classy public restroom? Well, now you can finally do that with this cool new Thanko Compact Home Hand Dryer. This convenient, household hand drying device doesn't need to be installed on the wall like commercial hot air hand dryers and has a compact and portable design that allows it to fit in nicely anywhere from a bathroom to a laundry room or even to a garage. To use, just wash your hands, place them underneath, and it will begin to dry them automatically. It even turns the blower off after 60 seconds. Pairs nicely with all those equally cool new smart toilets from Japan.

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  • No fuss. No need to install
  • Household hand-drying device
  • Automatically turns off after 60 seconds
  • Compact and modestly priced dryer has speedy blowing functions and a design that is suitable for almost any environment
  • Ideal unit for anyone who wants a fast and effective means of drying their hands
  • Temperature: 122° F
  • Size: 5.5" x 6" x 14.4"

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