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Float Clear Bath Ball - Water Cleaner

Float Clear Bath Ball - Water Cleaner

I prefer showers to baths, unless it's a hot tub, mainly because bath water is nasty. However, if you're braver than me and find preference in the bathing experience, you should probably drop in one of these cool new water cleaning Float Clear Bath Balls. These cute little bath balls float around in the tub and absorb all the oil, dirt and residue that's swirling around you in the water. They are made from anti-bacterial material, contain synthetics and natural charcoal and are completely reusuable and easy to clean. When done with your bath, simply squeeze it out and toss it in the washing machine or wash it in the sink. Great solution.

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  • Contains synthetics and natural charcoal to clean the bath water
  • Absorbs oil, dirt and residue in bath water
  • Squeeze it out, toss in the washing machine or wash in the sink
  • Colors: Yellow or Green
  • Reusable
  • Antibacterial material

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