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Aqua Dance - Nanotech Water Slide

Aqua Dance - Nanotech Water Slide

Aqua Dance - Nanotech Water Slide

If you're looking for something new to take your mind completely off your job at the office, then enter the world of nanotechnology with the cool new Aqua Dance - Nanotech Water Slide. This amazing water fountain / pachinko machine / Plinko game drips water droplets down a nanotech coated obstacle-laden maze-like slide. As the beads of water fall, the high-tech coating causes them to slide, bounce, scatter, break apart and join back together like mercury does (like the Terminator T-1000). The water thens drops into holes at the bottom, where they are then pumped back up to be reused over and over again. No batteries are needed, just press the pump button and swivel the adjustable faucet to aim. This should definitely waste a few productive hours a day.

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  • Water-based pachinko machine, right on your desk
  • Integrates a nanotech coating on an obstacle-laden slide
  • Water drops tumble down to the bottom almost like balls of mercury
  • Water droplets join together and break part as they move
  • Great as both a toy and an interesting piece of home decor
  • Colors: Moon Night Blue or Rainy Day Green
  • Power: No batteries required - Simply press the pump button
  • Adjustable faucet: Send the droplets in any direction
  • Water is reused: Long times between refills

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