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Five Head Spinning Showerhead

Five Head Spinning Showerhead

Five Head Spinning Showerhead

I'm always on the lookout for cool new showerheads, but I doubt I'll ever be fully satisfied with the flow of water during a shower. Sometimes I want a torrential raining downpour, sometimes I like single firehouse stream, sometimes I like a fine mist, sometimes I like a wide spray and so on and so on. Now I think I want to try a powerful spinning water massage with the cool new Danze Five Head Spinning Showerhead.

This unique chrome-plated luxurious showerhead has a 7" diameter outer ring with 32 water spouts around it and in the center are 5 additional spinning heads. These 5 heads each spin around 120 RPMs to effectively deliver an invigorating rush of pressurized water in your direction that no other normal showerhead could hope to achieve. Sounds great, but I won't be happy until I have my own personal heated waterfall.

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