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Espresso Powder

Espresso Powder

Want to know of a secret ingredient to add to any recipe with chocolate in it to dramatically enhance it with deeper and richer flavor? Simply add Espresso Powder! This unique powder is made from finely ground coffee beans from the world's top coffee-growing regions, but it's not for brewing up a cup of espresso, it's for mixing into brownies, cakes, cookies, frosting, chocolate or coffee ice cream, chocolate cereals (tip: use chocolate milk too), doughnuts, hot cocoa, smoothies, tiramisu, and more. You can even sprinkle it over your regular coffee for an extra flavor and caffeine kick.


  • A secret of professional bakers
  • Espresso powder lends deep, rich coffee flavor to everything from cookies, cakes and frostings to ice cream, brownies, and tiramisu
  • A premium blend of finely ground beans from the world’s top coffee-growing regions
  • Designed to dissolve quickly for easy mixing
  • Essential ingredients for creating rich coffee flavor or enhancing the chocolate in your favorite recipes
  • 1.8 oz
  • Made in USA

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