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ExploreAir X1 - World's First Flying Bicycle

ExploreAir X1 - World's First Flying Bicycle

ExploreAir X1 - World's First Flying Bicycle

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Rather than riding your bike down the middle of the street driving licensed motorists nuts, now you can simply take to the sky in this cool new ExploreAir X1. This is the world's first flying bicycle that is a fusion of an ultralight powered parachute and traditional bike. Just ride this street legal bike out to an open space, deploy the para-wing from the integrated backpack, start the engine, and let the three-bladed carbon fiber propeller in the back take you up into the air at airspeeds up to 25 mph and altitudes up to 4,000'. Best of all, this flying bicycle doesn't require a magical little extra-terrestrial riding along in a basket on the handlebars.


  • World's first bicycle that doubles as a flying ultralight para-trike aircraft
  • Para-wing is deployed from an integrated backpack to provide lift
  • Powerful two-stroke gasoline engine powers the craft’s three-bladed carbon fiber propeller
  • Airspeed: 25 mph
  • Cruises at low altitudes (below 4,000') with a range of approximately 75 miles from a full tank
  • Operates from any suitable area of open space
  • On the ground, it operates like a conventional bicycle
  • Only 4' wide, it can ride in traffic when the para-wing is not deployed (check local ordinances).
  • 20" wheels and rubber tires
  • Folds down to fit in the trunk of a car
  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • Size: 8.5' L x 4' W x 5' H - 75 lbs

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