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Killer Gingerbread Man Figurine

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Killer Gingerbread Man Figurine

Hmm. Is it still ok to say gingerbread man or is it now gingerbread being? Well, either way, it turns out that those cute little human-shaped Christmas cookies made from gingerbread don't actually enjoy being eaten and one of them finally snapped, escaped from the oven, and went on a murderous holiday rampage! Yep, this cool new Killer Gingerbread Man Figurine is a hilarious yet quite disturbing Christmas decoration that depicts an adorable killer gingerbread creature on the loose threatening everyone with a sharpened candy cane. It's perfect for placing in front of a plate of freshly baked alive gingerbread beings to protect them from hungry children, hiding it in the Christmas tree for an unexpected sinister surprise, or hiring it to stab that obnoxious snitching shelf elf.

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