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Minimalist Wall-Hanging Christmas Tree Tapestry

Minimalist Wall-Hanging Christmas Tree Tapestry

Minimalist Wall-Hanging Christmas Tree Tapestry

If you're growing tired of chopping down a fresh tree to shove into your living room for Christmas and then sending it off to a landfill right after it dries up and leaves a nightmare mess of needles everywhere, are limited on space for a full-sized tree, or just want to add even more festive decor to your home this holiday season, then check out this really cool new Christmas Tree Tapestry. This minimalist, wall-hanging Christmas tree tapestry is handmade from a large 100% natural linen fabric sheet with a realistic, high resolution print of a fir tree on one side. Since it's linen, you can still hang your ornaments all over the tree and there's plenty of room on the floor for Santa to leave a huge stack of gifts. Best of all, after Christmas, just roll it back up and store it until next season with total space-saving ease. Available with white or beige linen in two sizes and different tree designs are also available as well. Cool idea huh?

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  • Handmade Christmas tree wall tapestries
  • Made of 100% natural linen fabric
  • Colors: White Linen or Beige Linen
  • 6 small loops (from the other side), so it is easy to hang/remove
  • Easy to wash in the washing machine
  • Materials: linen, eco-friendly dye
  • Size: 56" x 80" or 56" x 40"

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