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SlotDog - HotDog Criss-Cross Slicer

SlotDog - HotDog Criss-Cross Slicer

SlotDog - HotDog Criss-Cross Slicer

The cool new SlotDog quickly scores a unique criss-cross sliced pattern into your hot dogs allowing them to grill up faster, taste better with crispy caramelized-edges, hold condiments better, have enhanced gripping traction on a bun, and just simply look cooler (especially to kids) with an alligator, dinosaur, or dragon scale look. Just grab your favorite weiner, press the SlotDog down on each side, and grill until the slots expand and get nice and crispy. Do you need it to grill a hot dog? No. Do you want it? Absolutely! You're also almost certain to get compliments and questions of how you did it when using during big summer backyard BBQs. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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