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Curved Shish-Kabob Skewers - Fit On Your Plate!

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Curved Shish-Kabob Skewers - Fit On Your Plate!

I sure love shish-kabobs, but I'm not certain of the spelling. Are they kebabs, kibobs, maybe a hyphen is needed, er not sure. Anyways, it's a delicious summer food straight from the grill and right on a stick. Besides the spelling problem though, they also don't fit so well on a plate and sometimes just roll right off. No problem, these cool new Curved Shish-Kabob Skewers are the perfect solution. They are 15" long non-stick stainless steel skewers that are curled into a plate-friendly 8" circle. Smart idea, I'm surprised someone didn't think of this before. Comes in a set of 8.


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