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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit

DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit

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When entertaining guests for dinner, does your current stick of butter have a conversation starting flame on top of it? No? Then you need to check out this cool new DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit from Uncommon Goods. Yep, now you can finally eat a tasty lit candle made from butter with this unique kit that includes everything you need to make one, minus the butter. The kit includes: a 7 oz glass candle jar, 3 silicone molds (heart, flower, and round), 4 ft of organic hemp wick coated with natural beeswax, four candlewick sticks, garlic, basil, and cacao spice packets, and instructions. It's perfect for accompanying a platter of crusty bread or just use it for a decorative yet quite tasty addition to the dining table for illuminated ambiance. 🧈🕯️😋

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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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DIY Edible Butter Candle Kit
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