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Hotwicks Whiskey Scented Candle

Hotwicks Whiskey Scented Candle

Hotwicks Whiskey Scented Candle

If you enjoyed the fine alcoholic scent of the amazing Beer Candle, bring out your inner connoisseur with the Hotwicks Whiskey Scented Candle. This single malt scented wax candle delivers hints of peat and caramel and a peppery, warming finish to your nose. Complex, well-balanced and reminiscent of wax! A perfect aromatic addition to your den or home bar and best of all, you don't even need a snifter!

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  • Smells like Whiskey!
  • Hints of peat and caramel with a peppery, warming finish
  • Size: 6oz. glass votive

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