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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas

JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas

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While both of these cool new yet quite limited edition JONES Sodas are exactly the same flavor, Werewolf Piss Soda is obviously way better during a Full Moon (or on Halloween) and Orange Chocolate Soda is way more festive during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So if the tasty flavors of sweet chocolate and orange citrus sound good to you when combined, then you have to make the hard choice of which label you prefer on the bottle you're drinking from. Not once in my life have I ever heard of, thought of, or spoken the term "Werewolf Piss", so that's my choice... mainly because I now have some serious questions. Werewolves must have to take a leak at some point too, but do they do it standing up, lifting their leg, sitting down, or squatting? It's something interesting to ponder as you sip a full bottle of it. Just make sure it's served up ice cold though, because nobody wants to choke down warm werewolf piss flavored soda. *howl* 🐺🚽🍊🍫

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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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JONES Soda Werewolf Piss / Orange Chocolate Sodas
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