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Innovaqua Nube - Air-to-Water Generator

Innovaqua Nube - Air-to-Water Generator

Innovaqua Nube - Air-to-Water Generator

Tired of paying so much for water delivery in those heavy and hard to load 5 gallon jugs? Then simply make your own water right out of thin air with this out cool new Innovaqua Nube SS30. This innovative watercooler is an atmospheric water generator that dehumidifies the surrounding air to create up to 30 liters a day of 100% pure, alkaline, ionized, and mineralized water that's free of chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants. As air is drawn in, it condenses into water that is first UV light treated and then sent through an activated carbon filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and then finally through a mineralization filter that contains mineral stones to simulate the erosion effect of a river. Then like any other watercooler, it dispenses either cold or hot water. You can even pour in tap water to be filtered if you have low humidity. Cool huh?

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  • NUBE SS30: Air to Water Generator
  • Produces up to 30 liters of pure water a day from humidity in the air
  • Atmospheric water generator turns air into water for just $0.20 cents per gallon
  • No more additives like Chlorine, Fluoride or ground water contaminates
  • 100% oxygenated water is filtered through Activated Carbon, a Reverse Osmosis Membrane, and is then UV Sterilized
  • Water generated from the air is mineralized by means of micro-doses in a cartridge that contains mineral stone that simulate the erosion effect of a river
  • Cooler + Heater
  • Balanced PH Levels
  • Alkaline
  • Ionized
  • Mineralized
  • Chlorine Free
  • Fluoride Free
  • Ecological and sustainable
  • Colors: Pure White, Obsidian Black, Autumn Red, Blue Sky

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