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Sempli Incanter - Infuses Spirits With a Spin

Sempli Incanter - Infuses Spirits With a Spin

Sempli Incanter - Infuses Spirits With a Spin

This cool new Sempli Incanter from Swedish designer Daniele Semeraro lets you easily infuse flavors into spirits, cocktails, teas, water, and more with just a spin. Simply fill the borosilicate infuser tube with fruits, herbs, vegetables, spices, or whatever you can think of, fill the handcrafted lead-free crystal vessel with your liquid of choice, and give it a whirl on its unique spinning bottom or just rock it back and forth. A unique presentation of form and function.

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  • Designed by Daniele 'Danne' Semeraro
  • Specially designed to create your own infusion with your favorite ingredients and liquors
  • Infuses Spirits With a Spin
  • Cut up your favorite flavors, place them into the infuser tube, pour in a spirit, and spin away
  • Choose your favorite flavors (pick anything from fruits, spices, vegetables, and more)
  • Flavors fuse together creating a unique experience with each use
  • Created with the signature spinning bottom
  • Material: Lead free crystal
  • Capacity: 13 oz
  • Size: 4.25" Dimeter x 6.75" H

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