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Wax-Bottom Pinecone Fire Starters

Wax-Bottom Pinecone Fire Starters

Wax-Bottom Pinecone Fire Starters

This winter, if you're having trouble getting the old yule log in the fireplace ignited, then reach for one of these cool new Wax-Bottom Pinecone Fire Starters. Yep, just place one of these festive pinecones with wax/sawdust bases on a bottom log in your hearth and light the wick to ignite it. Don't worry, it won't explode, but you will be enjoying a roaring fire in no time. They come in a package of 12 and the rest can be placed nearby as a unique rustic fireplace decoration and they make a unique gift too.

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  • Package of 12 Wax-Bottom Pinecone Fire Starters
  • Getting a roaring fire going has never been easier
  • Just place a wax bottom pinecone on the bottom log in your fireplace, light the wick, and watch it burn
  • Natural pinecones set in a wax/sawdust base with a wick
  • Look great on the hearth and makes a great gift, too
  • Made in USA

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