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KUBE - Futuristic Outdoor Speaker and Beverage Cooler

KUBE - Futuristic Outdoor Speaker and Beverage Cooler

KUBE - Futuristic Outdoor Speaker and Beverage Cooler

This cool new KUBE is a sleek and futuristic outdoor speaker that not only can pump out 122 decibels of sound over large areas, it also has a built-in 37 quart beverage cooler in the center to keep the party fueled up. This gorgeous looking anodized aluminum cooler has powerful speakers on the ends that deliver 360 degrees of powerful sound and features a push-activated, self-opening lid, fade-in LED illumination to light up the interior, an advanced 350W digital amplifier, wireless Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, WiFi, and 3.5mm audio line-in connections, dual-diversity antennas with a 300 foot range, a marine-certified IPX4 water-resistant rating, an illuminated control panel, a USB charging port, and a whopping 50 hours of battery life .Perfect for the the beach, backyard parties, pool parties, boating, tailgating, camping, weddings, picnics, or anywhere you need great sound and chilled booze. Pricey, but impressive... as far as cooler speakers go.

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  • Proven engineering to deliver exceptional sound in large spaces, in the backyard, by the pool or out on the dock
  • Astounding 122dB output, enabling it to project audio over large outdoor areas
  • Push-activated, self-opening lid
  • Fade-in LED illumination
  • Delivers 360 degrees of incredible sound and radiating bass with low distortion levels
  • Omnidirectional sound (bipolar drivers)
  • Advanced 350W digital amplifier
  • Wireless Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, WiFi, and 3.5mm audio line-in connections
  • 50 hours of battery life and onboard Wi-Fi
  • Dual-diversity antennas - enjoy up to 300 feet of wireless range
  • IPX4 rating (splash and water resistant)
  • Designed to weather the elements, from accidental spills to splashes
  • 37 quart cooler / storage space
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Marine certified and water resistant
  • Anodized aluminum Exterior
  • Soft touch material over the speaker ends
  • Hidden plug flips open for easy draining
  • Port doors can be easily removed and reattached
  • 1 x USB charging port
  • Size: 23" x 17" x 17.7" - 48 lbs

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