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Stainless Steel Tofu Press

Stainless Steel Tofu Press

Stainless Steel Tofu Press

If you prepare a lot of Vegan and vegetarian recipes that use tofu, then you know what a pain it is to squeeze out all the excess water from the block of it beforehand. Well, forget all the paper towels and inverted plates with books, cans, and other weights on top and simply use this cool new Tofu Press from designer Marta Cornwell in New York instead. To use, just drop a block of tofu into this sleek stainless steel press, place it on a dish to collect the water, and lower the 4.5 pound weight down on top of it. As you prepare your meal over the next 15-20 minutes, the water will be squeezed out leaving firm tofu that crisps up better on the outside and remains tender on the inside when you cook it and absorbs much more flavor when you marinade it. If you want to go even further, learn to make your own with this equally cool Tofu Making Kit.

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