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Edible Mushroom Log Glass Cloche - Protects and Showcases

Edible Mushroom Log Glass Cloche - Protects and Showcases

Edible Mushroom Log Glass Cloche - Protects and Showcases

Bored with that worthless fern? Want to grow something that actually produces gourmet edibles for once and is unlike any other planter you've probably seen? Then check out this cool new Edible Mushroom Log Glass Cloche.

This unique glass dome sits upon a hardwood base and is designed to showcase, protect, and provide an ideal growing environment for an edible mushroom log placed inside it (not included). The dome itself is removable and has a hand-cut hole at the top for proper air circulation and to preserve humidity inside. It's the perfect way to watch as the mushroom logs fruit.

The mushroom logs themselves are available separately in a variety of gourmet fungi types, from shiitake to oyster mushrooms, and are easily grown by just soaking the spore-innoculated hand-cut hardwood log in water to start the growing process and then placing it under the dome. Each log produces a fresh crop of mushrooms every two to three months for up to two or three years, indoors or out.

The cloche may be a bit pricey, but the logs are affordable and together they make a truly interesting planter that actually produces tasty mushrooms.

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  • Glass cloche provides an ideal growing environment for edible mushroom logs
  • Protects and showcases edible mushroom logs as they fruit.
  • Hand-cut hole in the domed top allows for air circulation and preserves humidity
  • Removable glass dome fits securely into grooves on the base
  • Wooden base has a protective lacquer finish
  • Mist occasionally and you'll soon be enjoying your edible harvest
  • Size: 12.5" Diameter x 16.25" H - 9 lb

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