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Gardener's Revolution Self-Watering Vine Planter

Gardener's Revolution Self-Watering Vine Planter

Gardener's Revolution Self-Watering Vine Planter

This spring, if you want to grow impressive vines of peas and cucumbers or climbing annuals in a small amount of space with ease, then check out this cool new Gardener's Revolution Classic Vine Planter. This low-maintenance self-watering vine planter features a clapboard style perforated planter with sidewall ventilation, a grow bag liner that helps to air-prune roots, a dual-hydrate watering system that incorporates an evaporative grid and capillary strip, a large 5 gallon water reservoir, and a heavy-duty integrated trellis for the vines to climb. Each planter holds up to 60 quarts of potting mix to handle multiple plants and comes in either white, espresso, or red clay colors. I just want one to grow sugar snap peas to snack on while relaxing out on the deck.

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  • Grow your most vigorous and productive vines in this revolutionary, low-maintenance planter
  • Vegetable and flower vines will climb high and produce abundantly
  • Classic clapboard style complements any setting
  • Cucumbers, peas, pole beans and other vine crops will reach for the sky and reward you with a lavish, easy-to-harvest bounty
  • Plant climbing annuals like morning glories and delight in an exuberant tower of lush foliage and dramatic color
  • Perforated planter with sidewall ventilation and lightweight Grow Bag liner air-prune roots, ensuring a dense, vigorous root system
  • Designed to help plants take up more water and nutrients
  • Dual-Hydrate Watering System: Draws water from the reservoir into the soil via an evaporative grid plus capillary strip
  • Large water reservoir provides consistent moisture to roots and reduces watering chores
  • Heavy-duty trellis is integrated into the planter, giving vines a secure place to climb
  • Large capacity: Holds a generous 60 quarts of potting mix to accommodate multiple plants and encourage extensive root systems
  • Water Reservoir holds 5 gallons
  • Materials: UV-resistant polypropylene, BPA-free polypropylene liner, aluminum, powder-coated steel wire
  • Colors: white, espresso, or red clay
  • Easy assembly
  • Size Planter: 26" L x 18" W x 17" H
  • Size Trellis: 55.75" H installed

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