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Giant Reindeer Planter

Giant Reindeer Planter

Giant Reindeer Planter

Looking for a unique new addition for your home's outdoor Christmas decor? Then check out this cool new Riley the Reindeer Planter. I'm not sure who Riley the Reindeer is, except he must be very new to Santa's magical North Pole reindeer sled team and must have accidentally gotten left behind on your front porch after a practice run test flight around the world on some foggy night. While it's not great for Santa, who's now spinning out of control in the skies somewhere on an unbalanced sled, but it's great for you. This giant whimsical reindeer statue has a planter on its back designed to hold an evergreen tree. It's sculpted from durable resin, painted in bright detail, and wears a red jingle bell collar around its neck so everyone knows it's definitely from way, way up North.

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