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Punchbowl Ice Snowflakes

Punchbowl Ice Snowflakes

Punchbowl Ice Snowflakes

These cool new Punchbowl Ice Snowflakes are a set of two flexible silicone ice molds that create giant snowflake shaped ice cubes for a more festive holiday punchbowl - no fancy ice sculpting skills required. The large size of the ice snowflakes will melt much more slowly, ensuring that the drinks stay cold without watering them down. The silicone molds are also great for making snowflake-shaped gelatin, chocolate, ice centerpieces, and more.

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  • Set of two Punchbowl Ice Snowflakes
  • Keep party drinks perfectly chilled with large sculptural ice cubes in festive snowflake shapes
  • Flexible silicone molds offer easy release
  • Generous size ensures the ice melts slowly, so drinks stay cool without being diluted
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size: 7" x 2.25" H

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