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Lovers Meter-Long Spaghetti

Lovers Meter-Long Spaghetti

Lovers Meter-Long Spaghetti

This Valentine's Day, dont beg to get into a nice restaurant because you forgot to make reservations, simply have a nice romantic dinner at home and bring your passion to a boil with this cool new Lovers Meter-Long Spaghetti. Yep, now you can finally recreate that infamous Lady and the Tramp moment by sucking up a giant noodle together with your sweetheart until your lips meet in the middle for a little smooch, no back alley required. These impressive meter-long noodles come compactly folded in half inside a sturdy cardboard tube, but when removed and inserted into boiling water, will fully lengthen back out for your dining pleasure. Meatballs not included.

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  • 1 meter long – slowly reel them into an inescapable embrace
  • Spaghetti gently is folded in half
  • Cooks in just 12-15 minutes
  • Comes in a smart black cardboard tube

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