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Tempo Drop - Sculptural Weather Forecasting Storm Glass

Tempo Drop - Sculptural Weather Forecasting Storm Glass

Tempo Drop - Sculptural Weather Forecasting Storm Glass

The cool new Tempo Drop by designer Perrocaliente looks more like a mysterious fortune telling crystal ball than a weather forecaster and that is exactly why I want it on my desk here at Green Head HQ.

Just gaze upon the liquid in the sealed glass tear drop container and depending on whether it's clear, cloudy, or has crystals forming you may be able to predict the weather just like Admiral Fitzroy did with his storm glass invention on the HMS Beagle. After a little bit of research, it seems that even to this day scientists aren't exactly positive how the distilled water, camphor, and ethanol liquids inside the sealed glass are able to react based on the current weather conditions, but possible theories include temperature changes, electromagnetic changes, and even particles quantum tunneling through the glass.

So even though it's very possible that it's not always accurate, who cares, it's still a really cool and unique sculpture.

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  • Designer: Perrocaliente
  • A modern version of a storm glass, a type of weather forecasting device
  • Sealed glass container, filled with liquids - distilled water, camphor, and ethanol
  • Forecast the weather by observing the appearance of the liquid in the glass
  • Depending on weather the liquid transforms from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes
  • Two sizes available

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