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Posable Lifesized Wrapped Mummy Statues

Posable Lifesized Wrapped Mummy Statues

Posable Lifesized Wrapped Mummy Statues

Compared to the original, extra stiff Lifesized Mummy Statues, the bandages have been loosened a bit for the cool and creepy new Posable Lifesized Wrapped Mummy Statue. This ancient, undead pyramid dweller has escaped his Egyptian tomb and is looking to spend the afterlife sitting, standing or just lying around your place. Although it may look like a real, cursed mummy, it's actually just a realistic replica constructed from sturdy foam, metal, and wood and wrapped head to toe in real fabric. It features moveable limbs for posing, evil light up glowing eyes and includes a removable stand if you prefer your mummy seated. He makes the perfect decorative touch at Halloween, a handy decoy during a zombie invasion or just use him as a passenger to get into the car pool lane.



  • Constructed of sturdy foam, metal, and wood
  • Wrapped with real fabric bandages from head to toe
  • Lighted eyes add to the haunting effect
  • Features positional limbs, so he can strike his own haunting pose
  • Includes a stand that removes easily if your prefer your mummy seated
  • Requires 3 watch-style batteries (included)
  • Two-piece assembly
  • Size: 5.5' T

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