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Creepy Lifesize Stone Figures

Creepy Lifesize Stone Figures

Creepy Lifesize Stone Figures

These cool new Lifesize Stone Figures are sure to add a little extra dread to your home's Halloween decor. This creepy couple both have stone-cold undead faces, red glowing eyes, eerie attire and posable arms. Whatever you do, try not to look them in the eye or you just might die of fright, especially if they move.

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  • Stone Lady or Stone Man
  • Stone-cold visage and fiery red-glowing eyes
  • Lifesize height and drearily dressed
  • Mounted upon a sturdy metal pole with a plastic base
  • Arms move for a variety of poses
  • Stone Lady Size: 67" T
  • Stone Man Size: 70" T

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