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Halloween Blood Bag Drink Pouches

Halloween Blood Bag Drink Pouches

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At your next Halloween bash, serve up drinks to all your thirsty friends and fiends in the most creepy and macabre way possible with these cool new Blood Bag Drink Pouches. This set of ten highly realistic blood bags are perfect for filling up with dark blood red cocktails, red wine, actual blood (vampires only), or any other fun and/or disturbing colorful drinks. They can also be filled with fake blood to use in Halloween decorations, costume props, or just for mischievous pranks... hopefully not in an actual hospital though. The blood bags are made from food grade PVC and include a syringe to quickly fill them, clips to seal or unseal the drinking tube, and informational and blood type stickers that would probably fool even a real medical professional. An IV gravity drip stand is not included, so you'll have to hold them yourself while sipping.

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