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Charcoal Stick Purifiers In Vase

Charcoal Stick Purifiers In Vase

Charcoal Stick Purifiers In Vase

Add a decorative touch of the unusual to your home or office, while also helping to purify the air with these cool new Charcoal Stick Purifiers. These sticks of activated charcoal naturally deodorize, purify and absorb odors in the air, regulate humidity and release negative ions. This stylish air purifying set comes with 18 charcoal sticks and one recycled glass vase with a bamboo base. Unique solution.

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  • Approximately 18 charcoal sticks are included with vase
  • Activated charcoal deodorizes and purifies the air, while releasing negative ions
  • Naturally absorb odors and regulate humidity
  • Size Charcoal Stick: 10.5" H
  • Size Vase: 4.25" D x 9.25" H

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