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LEGO Ultimate Collector's Imperial Star Destroyer

LEGO Ultimate Collector's Imperial Star Destroyer

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C-3PO: But Sir. The odds of successfully surviving an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer are approximately...

Leia: Shut up.

Are you a Star Wars fan with plenty of extra time on your hands? The massively huge LEGO Ultimate Collector's Imperial Star Destroyer should keep you occupied. This model consists of 3,104 mostly gray pieces and when/if completed measures in at over 3' long, dwarfing any LEGO Star Wars ship produced to date. It comes with a display stand, a collectors' card and an exclusive mini-model of the Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner to chase down and capture. If you ever finish it, it's definitely a stunning display piece or you can just crash it into the equally stunning LEGO Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon and LEGO Star Wars Death Star II for the single most incredible mess of plastic bricks ever imagined!

I guess the only thing bigger to come out will be the Executor Super Star Destroyer from Return of the Jedi, but I think I would rather build a model of the largest spaceship in the universe, President Skroob and Dark Helmet's Spaceball One from Spaceballs: The Movie!

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