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Rotating Earth Watch

Rotating Earth Watch

Rotating Earth Watch

There are truly some weird watches out there and the Rotating Earth Watch is one of them. This watch, in addition to telling time, has a little rotating planet Earth that floats in the middle and makes a full rotation once every 24 hours. The frame around the planet is made of Titanium, the crystal is super tough Hardlex and it's powered by a 10 year Lithium battery. $499.99 makes this a non-buy for me, but it is kinda cool.

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  • Watch with a small rotating Earth that makes a full rotation every 24 hours
  • Quartz movement
  • Entire case made of light weight Titanium
  • virtual Earth rotates once a day as the real Earth does in a counter clockwise direction with the time zone indicator pointing to the correct hour on the bezel
  • Created by a team of artists and designers from Japan with manufacturing assistance from Seiko Instruments
  • Water resistant to 100m
  • 10 year Lithium battery (included)

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