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2006 Jones Soda Holiday Packs - The Holiday Tradition Continues!

2006 Jones Soda Holiday Packs - The Holiday Tradition Continues!

2006 Jones Soda Holiday Packs - The Holiday Tradition Continues!

The fine people at Jones Soda are back to ring in the holidays with two all new Jones Soda 2006 Holiday / Dessert Packs of their now famous seasonal dinner/meal sodas, plus they also introduced two new limited edition flavors as well available in 4-packs. Let's run down the list of this year's new "yummy" flavors.

2006 Holiday Pack Flavors:

  • Turkey & Gravy Soda
  • Pea Soda
  • Dinner Roll Soda
  • Antacid Soda
  • Sweet Potato Soda
2006 Dessert Pack Flavors:
  • Apple Pie Soda
  • Key Lime Pie Soda
  • Cherry Pie Soda
  • Blueberry Pie Soda
  • Banana Cream Pie Soda
2006 Limited Editions:
  • Candy Cane Soda
  • Sugar Plum Soda
I bought all of them this year and had a taste test for the entire family on Thanksgiving. Let's just say that Pea Soda wasn't very pleasant and Turkey & Gravy generated the usual grimaced faces of horror as it was chugged down, but surprisingly the Dinner Roll flavor sort of tasted like, well, dinner rolls, with a very doughy taste and the sweet potato was interesting as well. Candy Cane was good, if you enjoy the flavor of minty mouth wash and sugar plum was the best of the bunch. We skipped the Antacid flavor and never got around to dessert.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on any of these wonderful new holiday flavors, please post your reviews down in the Comments Section, if you dare try them. As I said last year, I hope Jones Soda continues to do this year after year, it's a great new holiday tradition that I really look forward too. I can't imagine what they will introduce in 2007. I recommend saving the Antacid flavor until after your real dinner.

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