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Grandpa Joe's Toothpaste Soda

Grandpa Joe's Toothpaste Soda

Grandpa Joe's Toothpaste Soda

When you're brushing your teeth, have you ever wondered if that distinctive minty toothpaste flavor would make a great tasting soda? Then put down the toothbrush, spit out the toothpaste, and grab yourself a bottle of this cool new Grandpa Joe's Toothpaste Soda. Yep, now you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a fun soda that's flavored like mint toothpaste, made in the USA from real sugar, and is completely flouride-free. It doesn't even clean your teeth! Hmm, you might want to brush your teeth after swallowing this bottle of toothpaste soda, but don't swallow actual toothpaste!

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