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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook

The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook

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Hungry for some nostalgic comfort food from the glorious yesteryears before this miserable apocalypse we're all stuck in now? Then whip up some recipes from this cool new yet quite retro-inspired The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook.

For a while in the mid-1980s, I remember Garbage Pail Kids cards being the hottest things to laugh at, be disgusted by, trade at school, and use to mercilessly tease others who happened to share a name with one of the characters. Yep, poor Scotty, the kid who kept peeing his pants in class, got plenty of free Potty Scotty cards and Margie never did seem to enjoy the attention from the Large Marge card. Maybe our parents and teachers tried to ban them, but nobody cared and that didn't stop the cards from trading. They were gross, disgusting, revolting, sickening, disturbing, mean-spirited, and always hilarious and now this fun new cookbook has somehow captured that essence into 35 tasty recipes that only look and sound nauseating.

Learn to make Dead Ted's Maggot Chili, Weird Wendy's Creepy Cauldron Stew, Leaky Lindsay's Edible Slime, Potty Scotty's Poop Cookies, Adam Bomb's Blender Blasters, and much more. There's also more than just gross out food recipes in here. There's also full-color illustrations from Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko, a section of science experiments, and an introduction by author R.L. Stine. Hmm, maybe now we'll finally get a Cabbage Patch Kids cabbage cookbook? 🤯🤮🤢😋

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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook
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