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Sausage and Cheese Guillotine

Sausage and Cheese Guillotine

Sausage and Cheese Guillotine


Fun Fact: The very last person to be executed by guillotine by any government was in France on September 10, 1977.

This cool new yet quite French Revolution-inspired Sausage Guillotine makes slicing sausages, cheeses, and even vegetables a bit more entertaining for guests gathered around the charcuterie board. Just place a condemned sausage, cheese, carrot, cucumber, etc. into the slot, grab the chunky wooden handle, and push it forward to lop off a tasty slice with the double-edged stainless steel guillotine blade. Unfortunately, the slice doesn't fall into a little basket, but you can hold it up to show a cheering crowd. It also includes a safety lock system to prevent accidents. Hmm, unless you're making finger sandwiches... um, nevermind. Bon Appétit!

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  • Stylish wooden guillotine for slicing sausages, cheese, vegetables and more!
  • Bring a little French Revolutionary flare to your next after dinner platter with our Sausage and Cheese Guillotine
  • Slicing up food has never been so much fun
  • Behead your bratwurst and decapitate your Double Gloucester!
  • Guillotine works great for veggies too
  • Chunky handle and hefty board made from rubber tree wood
  • Double-edged stainless steel blade
  • Big easy-grip handle
  • Clever safety lock system to prevent accidents

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