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Giant Bunch of Crocheted Bananas Throw Pillow

Giant Bunch of Crocheted Bananas Throw Pillow

Not once did I ever think that I would see a giant plush crocheted banana in my lifetime, but now there are literally a whole bunch of them to ponder with this cool new Crocheted Bananas Throw Pillow. Yep, this tropical crocheted throw pillow is designed to look like a huge bunch of three-dimensional bananas sitting on your sofa. Best of all, since these bananas are made from cotton, they won't quickly over-ripen and turn a ghastly color before you can snooze upon them. Speaking of... like how can actual bananas get picked, travel across the planet, sit in some warehouse, get shipped in locally, and then sit on the shelf for a week or so in a grocery store in fine condition and then go instantly bad overnight on the kitchen counter? Anyways... now you can have a pillow fight with a bunch of bananas.

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