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Arm Sleeper's Pillow

Arm Sleeper's Pillow

Found: March 5, 2010 | Location: Living / Pillows

Maybe there's something wrong with me, because I sleep really weird. I start off as a side sleeper and sort of use my arm as a pillow underneath the regular pillow. At some point during the night, I seem to roll around and completely wrap myself up like a mummy in the sheets and awaken cocooned, cramped and face down with my arm still under the pillow and sticking out the top. Well, I might not be able to prevent entombing myself in linens each night, but I can relieve some muscle stiffness and pressure from sleeping on my arm with this cool new Arm Sleeper's Pillow.

This innovative, hypoallergenic memory foam pillow features a center groove underneath and a recessed front edge, so arm sleepers can fully extend their arm without it having to support the weight of their head and neck. It promotes a full, uninterrupted slumber for those who sleep with their arm under their heads, relieves pressure that can make the arm fall asleep or cause muscle stiffness and also lifts the neck and tilts the head back slightly to open the airway and help relieve snoring. Interesting solution, but good luck finding matching pillow covers!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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