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Smell the Coffee Scented Alarm Clock

Smell the Coffee Scented Alarm Clock

Smell the Coffee Scented Alarm Clock

If you find waking up to the scent of fresh brewed coffee to be a great way to the start the day, but you can't quite smell the kitchen downstairs, then check out this cool new SensorWake - Olfactory Alarm Clock . This futuristic alarm clock not only wakes you up with the sound of five different soft melodies in your ears, it also engages your other senses by gently illuminating the room with a soft dynamic light and then diffusing a stimulating scent into the air. It includes coffee, peppermint, orange juice, fresh cut grass, seaside, pine woods, and apple-cinnamon scent cartridges to awaken to and each cartridge provides 30 three-minute wake sessions. If tantalizing your three senses doesn't drag you from a deep slumber, it also includes a traditional snooze button as well.

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