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Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug

Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug

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After an all night party at Jabba's Palace rocking out to the Max Rebo Band, mingling with exotic alien dancers, cheering on exciting Rancor feedings, and knocking back way too many stiff drinks with a cackling Salacious Crumb, you're probably going to have a rough morning. So shake off the night with a leisurely morning cruise aboard Jabba's Sail Barge and watch as the beautiful sandy dunes whisk by while sipping a steaming hot cup of space coffee from this cool new Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug. Yep, this fun ceramic coffee mug is molded into the shape of the infamous vile Tatooine crime boss Java the Hut, er, I mean Jabba the Hut and it holds up to 20 oz of your favorite coffee in his huge belly. It's even better when you add a splash of blue milk to your coffee, but that's just a given.

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Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
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Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
A whimsical ceramic mug shaped like the most famous reindeer of all with a heat-sensitive nose that changes from black to bright red when hot coffee is poured.
Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
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Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
Whether you want to drink wine or beer, now you can reach for the same glass.
Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
Just when you thought it was safe to have a beer or even better a bloody mary, suddenly.... SHARK!!!
Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
This festive, two-piece tumbler is shaped like a tasty pineapple, handmade from brass including the straw, and can served with the leafy lid on top or with it below the tumbler like a stand.
Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
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Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
Pretend to be the most important tea drinker in the room when you raise your pinky and sip tea properly from this ceramic tea cup with a long stemmed base.
Jabba The Hut Coffee Mug
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