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Tranquility Pod

Tranquility Pod

Tranquility Pod

If you live like a supervillain, then you might as well sleep like one as well when you curl up inside this cool new Transport Perceptual Pod from designer Alberto Frias. Inside this ellipsoid tranquilty pod that blocks 90% of outside noise are 50 color-changing LEDs surrounding a large memory foam cushion that covers an octagonal, temperature-controlled waterbed. Once you get comfortable, adjust the colors to your liking or let the biofeedback ambient mood lighting system synchronize the lighting to your heartrate. Even better, the pod also plays music through an integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system with a powerful subwoofer that generates gentle vibrations through the waterbed. The only downside is the $30,000 price tag, which is actually very affordable for supervillains.

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  • Pod uses pleasant sound, gentle vibration, and soothing light to transport the body, mind, and spirit to a tranquil state of relaxation
  • Handcrafted from fiberglass into a smooth, shiny gel-coat surface
  • Ellipsoid exterior blocks 90% of outside noise
  • Integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system
  • Subwoofer generates gentle vibration through the bed, resonating through the body to impart restful harmony
  • Biofeedback system uses a pulse sensor that synchronizes your heartrate with 50 LEDs housed in the pod’s inner perimeter
  • Biofeedback system creates ambient mood lighting for calming the mind
  • LEDs change colors at your command from the built-in controller or wirelessly from an iPhone or smartphone app
  • 76"-diam. ultra-suede-topped, memory foam cushion that covers an octagonal waterbed with two lofty ultra-suede pillows
  • Waterbed is temperature controlled (85-90° F) from a panel
  • Size: 78" Diameter x 42" H - 350 lbs

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