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Japanese Kit Kats

Japanese Kit Kats

Japanese Kit Kats

Normal Kit Kat candy bars are traditionally made up of several layers of praline-filled wafers covered in smooth milk chocolate and that's about it, but did you know that the rest of the world, especially in Japan, are enjoying Kit Kats with such weird flavors as cucumber, soy sauce, pumpkin, grilled corn, green tea, bubble gum, pepper, edamame, watermelon and salt, beets and more? Well, if you're as blown away and curious as I am, you can skip the long flight overseas and just pick up a few of these bizarre and certainly cool new flavors of Japanese Kit Kats right here online. I don't know about you, but a ginger ale flavored Kit Kat sounds oddly tasty. Let us know in the Comments below if you've ever tried any of these "unique" flavors and actually survived!

FYI: Apparently in Japan, Kit Kats have become trendy good luck charms because the Japanese phrase "kitto katsu" translates to "You will surely win!"

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