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Star Trek Cologne and Perfume

Star Trek Cologne and Perfume

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Hey Trekkies, before you beam down on your next away mission or convention here on Earth, splash on some of this cool new and boldly futuristic Star Trek Cologne and you'll really be set to stun.

For commanding men, there's Tiberius Cologne. It's basically the essence of the ultimate starship captain in the universe, James T. Kirk, all bottled up. An essential scent to wear at Starfleet Academy intergalactic keggers, while cheating at the Kobayashi Maru test or just to drive all the alien babes crazy. It features the scents of citron, black pepper, cedar, warm vanilla, white musk, sandalwood and a hint of Tribble and Shatner.

For Vulcans in heat and the ladies, there's Pon Farr Perfume. This light feminine fragrance won't be able to stop the uncontrollable blood fever of the Vulcan mating ritual, but will certainly help to get it over with quicker. Use it every seven years or just everyday and enjoy the scents of citrus, black currant, lotus blossom, water lily, sandalwood, peach and mulberry.

Finally, there's a scent for the expendable and men who live every day like it's their last, Red Shirt Cologne. This fine cologne is alive with a scent of green mandarin, bergamot, a hint of lavender, leather and grey musk and will linger on much longer than you.

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