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Crude - 100% Crude Oil Perfume

Crude - 100% Crude Oil Perfume

Crude - 100% Crude Oil Perfume

I don't even know what to think of designer Cory Ingram's limited edition 50ml bottle of Crude - 100% Crude Oil Perfume. I believe it has a heavy musky scent of politics, profit and blood.

I know oil prices are skyrocketing and all, but wouldn't it be cheaper to buy an actual barrel of crude oil than a tiny $289 bottle of it? At least you could bathe in it then. I guess buying a bottle of crude oil, could also be a great investment for the future when we run the Earth dry and it becomes a Mad Max apocalyptic wasteland of road warriors looking for fuel and you are holding the last bottle.

The perfume is described lovingly as, "Exquisitely packaged and branded, it is a dramatic reflection of the beauty industry, consumerism, politics... and, of course, the very life-blood of the American Dream." That sounds wonderful, so dab a little on now and soon enough you can wash it all off with the next rare commodity of luxurious clean water perfume!

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