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Personalized Roses - The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

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Personalized Roses - The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

There's an old proverb that says "A rose is a rose is a rose.", well not anymore. Now you can get Personalized Roses, roses that can be embossed with any 40 character message of your choosing right onto the petals. If you're looking for a great Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift, a dozen of these premium long-stemmed Columbian roses will surely impress, just keep the embossed message somewhat clean.

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  • 1 dozen premium long-stemmed Columbian roses
  • Embossed message up to 40 characters in length onto each rose
  • Cut stem of each rose comes sealed in its own tube of nutrient solution
  • Each rose head is covered to keep it fresh
  • Roses are packed with Babys Breath and floral greens
  • Specify Red, White, Pink, or Yellow roses

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